March 22, 2023


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No Pekito? No problem! Being single for the holidays has its blessings

It is good to be in a relationship but being in a relationship that is toxic most times just ruins your holidays. 

No one loves to be with a nagging partner in a time of merriment, especially for an extrovert. When you are single, you get to enjoy doing what you love with no one questioning or stopping you. 

Toxic Relationship

Decision making is always on your side. Certain decisions include; the way you want to dress, the people you interact with, the  social events you attend, places you go, and how you get leisure. 

Being single gives you total freedom of travelling to desired places you can afford at any time you wish. Singles also have much time to work on themselves without hesitation. 

Living your best life

As long as you are not married or in courtship, say no to deputy parents (boyfriend/girlfriend) during holidays and live your best life. 

When  you are single, there is room for self love.This makes you embrace your strengths and weaknesses. Another advantage of being single during the holidays is that  you celebrate yourself often. 

Self love is the “Greatest love of all,” according to Whitney Houston. 

Moreover, if you are single during holidays, there is an opportunity to focus on your happiness rather than trying to create a balance between you and that of your partner’s. It is better to be single rather than to be in a stressful relationship.

Walking out of a stressful relationship

Both men and women believe in being single during the holidays in order to schedule their activities without fear or favour. This goes specifically for the playboys and playgirls. You can flirt without fear. 

Either way, do what pleases you. You owe no one an explanation.

It is also good to be single during the holidays because it improves your level of interaction. Being single makes it much easier to keep in touch with friends, rather than having to chat with your partner all day long which most times lead to quarrels. It is best to interact with friends that cheer you up.

Hanging out with friends

The holidays are just around the corner. Guess what? It is the season of the JC’s (just come). They’ll be popping up everywhere from different countries. You might not need to date them considering the fact that they are only here for the holidays, and could have their partners back home. But a little interaction with new people could make the memories awesome. 

It is easier to mingle when you’re single. 

Interestingly, it takes two to tangle. But  after chilling all night and feeling all tired and sleepy, it is actually best to  sleep alone in peace with no one to snore or disturb you on your bed.

 Imagine that tranquility.

It is not a bad idea to be single after all, especially during the holidays. In fact, it is the best state to be in for the holidays. Do you feel like you are in a sinking ship because you are single? No you aren’t. Smile, relax and enjoy yourself. You can do whatever you want to by being single on holidays.

Don’t worry, be happy. It is one thing no one can give you but yourself.