February 5, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Sierra Leoneans say ”na mama advice make wi betteh”

We all have advisers. Some paid and others unpaid but the most important of all these are the words of wisdom we get from our mothers in Sierra Leone.

All our mother’s need when they gave/give these advices is to see people that are of good standards in society and not those that they would bow their heads to when they appear before them but people they would be proud to call Son’s and Daughter’s.

Switsalone joins Sierra Leoneans and the World at large to wish our super role models and change initiators Happy Mother’s Day.

“As a mother, you need this day, because a mother’s job is not a day’s job, its a lifetime job. Mothers’s day is a feather added to your cap, so celebrate it and be happy” Lavinia Agnes Harding, our super mother advised mother on today’s Mother’s Day.

Here are some Quotes and background information from our reader’s, bloggers.

Miss Iye Brima-Sallu a Data Analyst and she has this to say about her mother; “my mother is a retired teacher ,and during all her working days I have seen her doing the impossible . For example the little wage teachers receive my mother supported all her kids to get the best education . She never depended on one stream of income . She was also a seamstress at the same time a teacher ,trying to make ends meet . Out of her teaching profession she greatly supported dad in building our family house ,when most people thought my family wouldn’t have gotten a house on their own because they referred to them as Poor teachers. Now all my siblings are on their own as graduate ,including myself .Living life on our terms ,because my mother was the back bone for it.”

She will always say, never give anyone the chance to think that its impossible for you to accomplish your achievement in life.

Alhassan Lamin an entertainment blogger of switsalone and a student has this to say about his mother

“Son be who you are, always try to work in the good of yourself and the good of others. Be positive and make mama proud. Love you son.”

Mr. Alphonsus B.M Gbanie the Executive Director Human Rights Defenders Network has this to say about his late mother: My mother use to tell me that never look low upon people and don’t despise people around you. She taught me to live a simple life and never to envy other but to believe in myself and all that I am doing. I should show love to people who are not related to me and this advise I saw it myself, as she supported and cared for other people children who are not part of our family.

The advice she gave me including her discipline had shaped my life and made me to be who I am today. I will ever remain grateful her until death.

Kemoh Sahid a student of the Mass Communication Department said his mother’s advice has always guided him in his path.

“Son be humble, respectful, kind and free your mind from hate, so that you will live a peaceful and loving life” was the advice my mother alway gave me he said.

“To be a man in life is never easy, always strive hard and work towards achieving success. Don’t be influenced by bad company and remember to put God first in anything you do” Haja Mariama Jeng, the mother of Eric Kawa a Blogger and Journalism student.

My mother always spoke in parables that left one wondering what she actually meant and I don’t know why I always find a way to gather myself without even knowing what she meant, all I knew was if I don’t gather myself it would result to some a$$ whooping, one of such parables that stuck to mind till date is “when the cow is busy defeacating in the market place with open anus, it thinks it is the owner that would see the repercussion” when ever she says this I will just find one corner and pack well, now that I am a semi-adult, am seeing the result of those parables and it is helping me become the woman am suppose to be steadily, love and appreciate you so much Aunty B.

Mrs Williams

Her advice is always have respect for people no matter their condition or situation in life, Jane Williams, switsalone blogger, Comms Manager Vrcmarketing Company.