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The Economy plays a key role in your relationship


Being in a relationship you may wish to settle down but if the economy is slow, your wedding day will have to wait. The economy is the careful use of money, resources, and means of production within a particular country. The Economy of Sierra Leone as of 2009 was approximately  US$1.9 billion and as such was considered as that of a least developed country. 

The University of Virginia researchers found that when people get married and have children, seven sectors of the economy experience tenable growth. The specific sectors are child care, life, and personal insurance, household products, and services, health care, food, home maintenance/home services, pets and toys.

If your partner is unemployed or if they spend most of their earnings on taxes, food, parties, and welfare without saving, then your marriage has gone a step backward and your relationship might just fall on the rocks.

‘’I might lose my girlfriend because of my poor service to her needs, she is so demanding and I’m unable to take care of her needs as I have been unemployed since I graduated 3 years ago,’’ Moses Bangura. 

Before planning to say ” I do”, partners should take time out to discuss finance. When planning to start a family there should be financial stability and you should know what to expect from your partner relating to that.  Moving together also means sharing expenses.

Romance does not pay the bills, money does.

In terms of settling down, it takes more than “hand to mouth”. Without basic necessities like food clothing and shelter, do not even try to get married to someone’s daughter. If you are not in that position where you think you are financially stable then you are not fit for marriage.  “Marade na wan day, chop money na everyday.”

A young vibrant Sierra Leonean man who is married with three children said that money plays a huge role in his relationship with his wife and children and this is due to the rise and fall of the economy.

‘’When there is more money, there is more cheerfulness and joy and when there is less money there are more nagging and more arguments,’’  Aruna Wahid Dumbuya.

Economic growth has its advantages and a bad economy has its disadvantages. A good economy means better standards of living, employment of more people, price stability and reduction of poverty.  When there is a better standard of living you can save up and plan to build a family, it also means buying things for reasonable prices. 

What a nice moment to enjoy your relationship or marriage.

A bad economy, on the other hand, means skyrocketing of prices, a high rate of unemployment, and poor standard of living. If a man earns le 500,000 per month, can it sustain a family of three or more in such an economy? Imagine buying a small bag of rice at le 170,000, pay bills, what will you have left? As a partner will you leave all the burden on the other? It is called partnership and partnership means the involvement of two people. 

The economy is everyone’s business because it can affect you, your partner, family and the entire nation as a whole. 

Thorpe be wise!

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