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Top three Beaches in Sierra Leone in 2019

The top three beaches to go chillings, outings, and relaxation in Sierra Leone are Tokeh Beach, Number Two River, and Bureh Beach.

Let’s start with:

This is one of the largest and most attractive beaches in Sierra Leone.

Tokeh Beach

Tokeh beach is paradise on earth and the right place to be. It has the warmth of nature, enchanting sky, white sand, lush forests, stunning surroundings, the calmness, fresh seafood, long wooden pier that stretches into the sea, warm and clear ocean, and beautiful resorts that tick all the right boxes. Check out Tokeh Sands at Tokeh.

To get away from urban hustle and bustle, Tokeh is the right place to be. At Tokeh, there are fun activities such as fishing which is quite common in that village and even boat rides to Banana Island. 

Now let’s talk about:

River Number Two

This refers to both the river that flows into the sea and the village that is located about thirty minutes from Freetown. 

It is also one of the best places with white sand, towering mountains and mangrove forests that flank into the river, calm water, and colorful fishing boats. 

Apart from swimming, one can settle down with a good book in a beach chair, local boat rides into the river, hike following the Guma trail and strolling through the mangrove forest, there is a possibility of seeing monkeys and even spot crocodiles. 

 Finally, let me give you a gist of the  third beach to check out.

Bureh Beach

This place  is full of life.

Bureh beach is diversified with so many activities such as swimming, surfing, hiking, canoe rides, YOGA, to name but a few. 

It has its uniqueness. For instance, the Bureh Beach Surf Club which has tents and rooms geared to water exploration has plenty of opportunities for having a good time such as surfing, yoga, and others. The surf club offers classes and you can rent a board for half a day. Prince’s has hammocks and beach cottages whilst the river flows into the sea when the tide is low and you can walk all the way into the mangrove forest. Check out Saful Resort at Bureh.

You are all welcome to check or give these beaches a try for outings and experience fun-filled moments.