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Tokeh Regatta Charity Canoe Race

by Vickie Remoe

Tokeh Village has one of Sierra Leone’s most spectacular beach with clear turquoise blue waters and white sand, it has left many speechless and in awe of its beauty. For many years tourists and locals have experienced Tokeh’s bounty, from a relaxing day on the beach, to outings, and beach parties.
In appreciation of the people living in the Tokeh Village community who care for and clean the beach, some friends of Tokeh inspired by a desire to give back to the community and thankful for the beginning of the dry season have come together to plan the 1st Annual Tokeh Regatta: Charity Canoe Race to raise funds for the construction of several cement block classrooms for the children of Tokeh village.

We are encouraging individuals and businesses big and small to join us for a full day of fun and entertainment on Tokeh Beach. You can help build the school by purchasing tickets, and or sponsoring a canoe. The cost of a ticket will cover the cost of lunch for the day. All individuals or businesses that sponsor a canoe may brand their boat with flags or their corporate logo.
Friends of Tokeh invite you to join us for a full day of fun and entertainment for a charity canoe race on Tokeh Beach. On December 5th, come join the fun and help build the village school.

Event: Tokeh Regatta Charity Canoe Race

Purpose: To raise funds to help build a Primary school at Tokeh Village
Place: Tokeh Beach (JSM Compound).
Date: Sunday 5th December 2010 – (All Day).
        o Barbeque Served: from 2:00 PM(Upwards)
        o Race Take off Time: 4:00 PM
        o Crowning Event: 6:00 PM

Tickets: Le 60,000 per person (BEACH Barbeque).
Sponsorship: o Corporate Sponsorship – Le 1 Million / Canoe
                     o Individual Sponsorship: Optional Amount (Invite your friends).


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