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Refugee All Stars No. 1 on World Music Charts Europe 2010

by Vickie Remoe

Yesterday I rocked my Refugee Allstars 2007 World Tour t-shirt to celebrate the news that SLRAS ‘Rise & Shine’ album released this spring made World Music Chart Europe No.1 album for 2010. I was at Airtel and a lady read ‘living like a refugee’ on the back of the shirt and she asked me what it was and as always i was surprised that she didnt know SLRAS. I sang one of their old singles ‘soda soap’ and she remembered the song but the band she had never heard of. I explained to her that in actuality Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars are by far Sierra Leone’s most succesful international musical act even though they remain quite unknown in Salone.

The members of the band met at a refugee camp in Guinea during Sierra Leone’s 11 yr civil war and a documentary film chronicled thier journey won 15 film festival awards around the world. The new album Rise & Shine is available online

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