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A Good Christmas at St. George’s Orphanage 2010


Last year I was driving on the Grafton dirt road in Freetown rural when i spotted a sign for an Orphanage. I had seen it possibly a couple of times before but those times it had not evoked any additional thought or action. On this day however, I was curious to find out more about the Orphanage, Christmas was drawing near and I hadnt really done any charity or ‘goody goody’ for most of the year. I came back to St. George’s Orphange a few days later and introduced myself to the coordinator, we had a long conversation and he told me enough to make me want to do my little part in contributing to their already valiant efforts.

I sent out a couple emails and friends and friends of friends sent us new toys, old toys, and a huge supply of provisions from laundry soap to food. On Christmas Eve I turned my cousins to elves and made my Veranda Santa’s Workshop, we wrapped everything and the next day drove out to the Orphanage were all the kids waited in anticipation. Each kid had individually wrapped gifts with their name, it was obvious that they weren’t used to owning much.

I read stories from children’s books and the children sang christmas carols..later we danced to African music and i left them super happy. A friend called and said let us know next year and we will do something. Funnily my response was, ‘i probably wont be here next year to do it’.

Well I am here and it is Christmas and I went to the Orphanage again last weekend. Thankfully, many of the children that were there last year have now been reunited with family members and the total number of children in the Orphanage has gone down to 19 ranging from ages 3months to 16yrs old. We’ve also decided to bring gifts for children in the community which brings the total count to 54  kids

On November 22nd we will be getting together again to bring Christmas to St George’s Orphanage and I have no doubt it will be another good Christmas party.

We are teamining up with Ayoub International School and Kidzone to also invite the chilren from the Orphanage for a Christmas party  at Kidzone.

If you have any gifts, old and new for children, or books, or toys, or would like to sponsor a kid to attend the Christmas party at Kidzone please get in contact with me. Or your company or business has extra food supplies or provisions or would like to give us  any help what so ever please please please get in touch.


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