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The 2010 SwitList: Freetown’s Best HairSalons

by Vickie Remoe


JEMNA’s Hair Salon (wilkinson rd after St. Mary’s) Jemna’s is a new state of the art hair salon owned by returned pscycologist Miss Nasu. It is truly truly a spectular salon…comparable and even better to many in most urban cities in the US. She carries products from Symtonics, Keracare, Mizani and more. HEr stylists have been trained by profesionals from the UK & US. The prices are maybe 2x more than u’d pay at the regular salon and although i was a skeptic before i have been converted and jemna’s is the number one salon in town. They also have a cafe upstairs. LOVE IT!!!!

HAWADA’s Salon (next to plan b) When i’m a need of a pedicure, manicure, or fake eye lashes and good company i head to Hawada’s salon on lumbley beach. Do also do hair and offer massage services on appointment only. Nancy gives the best pedicures and she is probably one of the most pleasant person to chat with.

AFROMERIC Salon: Since i started weaving my hair earlier this year I must confess that the best weaves i’ve gotten have been done by Josephine at Afromeric. I had stopped going to the salon but its been renovated and it is back.
HEADMASTERS Salon: I really used to like this salon and i was impressed that it was run by two guys etc.. but they’ve not been able to maintain standards and have slowly run their clientele out the door.

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