The 2010 SwitList: Freetown’s Best NightClubs & Bars

1.Aces: Come Wednesday thru Sunday and Aces is the place to be. Aces Formerly Buggies Night Club is what paddies use to be way back when some would head from the airport to Paddys. Aces is an entertainment dancehall offering excellent music and local Salone flavor and style. Its one of those places where u could hideaway in the dark and have really good time no paparazzi no watch watch. The Rufegess All Stars had a regular Thursday night reggae jam session that is no more but Aces is still rolling.
2. @ The Office: Tunku’s @ the office has added one more hotspot to freetown’s night life. With a members only whiskey bar, pool tables, and Wednesday’s karaoke night, the Office has very quickly become the place to be on a Friday and Saturday night. The staff and owner are just superb. The music can be a bit difficult at times but when its good, it is quite good.
3. The [email protected] Ol Skool: The Winebar formerly Octopussy, formerly the Lounge, formerly Kalmah restaurant has recently gone thru an upgrade and is now a favorite for Freetown’s upwardly mobile crowd. One of the best features of the wine bar, is the no smoking policy. Love it!!! Since the renovation the toilets are much better now…u know me and my toilets
4. Ol Skool Club: This Kallon dancehall is now a landmark for enjoyment. It’s been slightly renovated since Ramadan with a VIP section added next to the bar. The club is best for Friday night but sometimes the crowd is a bit teeny bopper.
5. Paddys: Long long time ago Paddy’s was the spot…I never thought I would ever say this but Paddy is dead. Between the Offices and Aces, paddys has lost its customers and it empty almost every night even on weekends.
6. Tribes: Reggae and Roast beef all night every night and football games all day.
7. NP @ Aberdeen Road: Like tribes NP is not place u’d catch me hanging out cause its not my seen but alot of fellas hang out at NP….like a happy hour after work spot…a place to watch football games…and listen to popular music. Its good for the fellas but not sure its lady friendly
8. Lagoonda: Lagoonda has been closed for renovation for the better part of this year. Not sure when it will be operational again.
9. Lumbley Beach between Beach Apple and Chinatown on a Sunday evening is the closest we will ever come to a Freetown impromptu block party.
10. Atlantic Bar & Restaurant: Number 1 expat hangout in town.