Sierra Leone Entertainment News

The 2010 SwitList: Radio & Television (Freetown, Sierra Leone)

FREE RADIO 95.7 I have a radio show on saturday’s sometimes on FREE RADIO so i am not biased when i say that it is the town’s favorite radio station 🙂
CAPITOL RADIO 104.9: if you like to hear british or wanna be british accents then this is the station for you. They play whats hot in the UK or what u’d hear on UK radio….and they also only hire people who sound like they’re british. No african or salone sounds or songs….but hey if thats your flavor then its your station. they used to have this dj called DJ pineapple and he was really funny but he’s now at Kalleone i think
I Love the DJs on 96.2 ( i cant remember its name tho)
KALLEONE RADIO: every now and they play good shiiiit!! kalleone is also #1 for sports info
RADIO UNAMSIL, CTN, RADIO DEMOCRACY…..all also available but i rarely listen to them…

Local TV: SLBS TV is the only game int own (ABCTV has gone banlrupt for now

DSTV (ku band reception very poor in bad whether)

(GTV has gone bankrupt)

ArabSat (at alot of lebanese owned establishments and homes)