BREAKING NEWS: Sierra Leone’s Zainab disqualified for fighting on Big Brother Africa [video]

Feisty Sierra Leonean Big Brother contestant has been booted from Big Brother Africa Stargame. The model who was saved from eviction just 2 weeks ago instigated a fight with Ghanaian comedian DKB and the two got very physical. Zainab opened the restroom repeatedly while DKB was in the shower and after he confronted her, she refused to apologize. DKB threatened to slap Zainab to which she retorted that “slap me bitch”. Quite possibly the worst thing you could say to an African man so DKB obliged. We don’t support violence against women but she should not have said that to him.

This was the first time that Sierra Leone was allowed to participate in the game. To make such a quick exist and for something like this, is quite disappointing. Zainab’s partner Delphine was evicted 2 weeks ago. Goodbye Sierra Leone.