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Freetown Holiday Roundup

by Vickie Remoe

As a Sierra Leonean, who HAS lived in New York all of her life– can I just say how much I love spending the holidays in Freetown! Yes- I get frustrated when “light go”. No- my smartphone doesn’t work there. And yes- my lack of Krio-speaking-skills makes me a target for any merchant trying to fund their Christmas. But family, food, the parties, the beaches, and the priceless moments that could only happen in Salone– always makes it worth it.

Here’s a taste of what Freetown offered me this year:

Lakka Beach Sunset!

Wilkinson Road: Newly pave and now a 4-lane road


Got to love the American influences- even if some are a little misguided


Masked Devil Exhibit at the Sierra Leone National Museum


Following tradition: After their wedding the bride and groom, Mr. and Mrs. Jacky King, receive water before coming into the house


Love how straight forward this ad is: "Dis Nar Crime" (This is a crime)


Boys playing Football on Number 2 Beach


Fresh Fish, Couscous, and Fries at Numer 2 Beach


Malama Thomas Street: Where you go to get fabric


Plassass' 'Bitass' 'Kren Kre'


A Sierra Leone Okada (aka Motorcycle Taxi)


Jewelry on the Beach


My first time seeing the new Lumley Bus


View from Leicester Peak


My Family on Laaka Beach! (Random Sierra Leonean in the back)

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