Home Business Orange Sierra Leone: Launches #DigitalRevolution with up to 50% OFF data tariffs

Orange Sierra Leone: Launches #DigitalRevolution with up to 50% OFF data tariffs

by Vickie Remoe

8C6F946C-6A51-491B-A486-DD1C2F8A28E0 This week has been quite busy for mobile operators in Sierra Leone. While Africell launched a reality TV Show, it’s competitor reduced Orange refusing go be outshined, reduced its mobile data tariffs.

Orange Sierra Leone has launched what it’s calling a #digitalrevolution to allow Sierra Leoneans to compete digitally. Taking a position that yours truly (@VickieRemoe) tweeted about exactly a month to the day.

Glad that someone somewhere was listening when I tweeted that #pricesmustfall and called out mobile operators in Sierra Leone for some of the highest tariffs in the region.


The price reduction from Orange F2CA90CA-8C38-4723-825F-D367D57610ED 36B44169-4ECD-4B32-8EC1-6A1B7B3B60AFSierra Leone cuts across daily, weekly, and monthly bundles. Those users who can only afford to spend $1.1 (10,000 SLL) and those who can afford larger bundles will experience the best deals. Orange has introduced a 17Gig, and 30 Gig Data Bundle that did not previously exist.


At 30 Gig users will be spending $1.9 per gig or almost $58. While this might still be dear, it is almost a 50% discount per gig. Previously it was $3.8 for 1 gig of data.

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