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Talk of Salone

by Vickie Remoe

Now y’all know I’ve been seriously feeling LAJ of Red Flag Movement on the Talk of Salone 2 Album, (granted it came out on bootleg already on the streets of Freetown), and i so do not support piracy and will most certainly buy the original when it drops…this joint is HOTTT. I just found this teaser on youtube for the “feelin it single and this joint is my anthem. I dont support the Hip Hop beef but boys will be boys and when the dust clears hopefully it will promote healthy competition and push the Sierra Leone music industry forward. Until then, check out the video teaser from the that dude you love to hate and just cant get it enuff of his bragadocious, ego trip, name calling, fit eye, Mr LAJ aka Talk of Salone aka Money na Bank aka Name no to lollipop pull am na u mot. Just three letters L A J

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