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GEF Small Grants Stories: Creating alternative livelihood support to scale up sustainable mangrove conservation in Bonthe District

The Grantee

We are operating in Rutile, Bonthe District.  An area that has vast land of mangroves but due to the activities of Sierra Rutile Mining Company, and that of the resident’s, majority of these lands have been destroyed. 

To preserve these areas and promote sustainable mangroves management, we have capacitated communities on the economic impact of mangroves conservation in the environment. Also, we are creating alternative livelihood, starting with vegetable production and oyster harvesting. 

The project is targeting 10 communities in this district and most of them are along the coastal line. Monitors have been trained across all communities, which our key beneficiaries are women, master fishermen and the youths. The people have signed byelaws, and we have also procured groundnut seedlings which will be planted soon.

I am passionate about undertaking this project that is sustainable to the environment because we’ve seen that the world is moving towards a very dangerous trend in terms of environmental protection, and if we don’t focus on that we won’t be able to meet the Global Emission target of the United Nations.

I have learned that communities can play a very important role in environmental development and people should stop destroying trees because of immediate economic benefits, but must look at the long term gain.

My name is Mohamed Salia. I am the Executive Director of Supporting Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (SEED SL).

The Impact

Before the start of this project, we used to encounter flooding, low fish productivity and our lives were at risk, because we have cut down the majority of the mangroves surrounding the community to use them for firewood, construction of houses and for other financial gains.

With the intervention of SEED SL, things have improved in our community. The fish productivity has increased and water has stopped overflowing into our houses. Also, with the groundnut production, our food capacity and income level will be improved.

My name is Alhaji Noah Koroma, I am the Section Chief for Momaya Community, Benducha Chiefdom, Bonthe District.


The Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP), implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), offers grants to innovative, inclusive, and impactful projects that address global environmental and sustainable development issues. 

Supporting Entrepreneurship and Economic Development 

Enhancing Sustainable Mangrove Ecosystem Management and Protection of Associated Biodiversity in 20 Villages across Two (2) Chiefdoms (Sittia & Bendu-Cha) in Bonthe District, Southern Sierra Leone.

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