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The 2010 SwitList: Best Things to Do & Best Beaches in Freetown


Charlotte Falls—When I finally made the trek to Charlotte Falls it was perfect. Walked through the Village, up past an old stone building into the bushes and finally out at the opening that is Charlotte Falls. An ideal picnic location with a small pool to dip for the adventurous but certainly get your feet wet if not all of your skin.
Tacugama Chimp Sanctuary—Certain experiences are best when shared so get a friend or a loved one and visit the cute, cuddly, rescued chimps of Tacugama. It’s a beautiful drive up the hills, but watch out for a steep climb up to the sanctuary. Learn about the similarities between humans and chimps, the history of the sanctuary, and learn how to speak chimp
Roadtrips & Excursions: Although they are not yet very people i believe there is much fun to be had discovring the country. Really Big for 2010 will be up country excursions, getting to know swit mama salone. Freetown is only a tiny pary of the country. Get out more

Leone Casino: Before I moved to Freetown I must admit that the closest i had to come gambling was playing the slots at Atlantic City. Now i am a full time poker player at leone casino. I’ve bet as much as 2million in one night and as little as 400,000. Its probably the best fun i ever have in town these days. But please dont turn yourself into a gambler and blame it on me.


Tokeh Beach: Most of Freetown’s shishi fa fa and Lebanese crowd now make the journey to Tokeh on Sundays to enjoy lobster and grilled fish far from the confines of city traffic, noise, and people. Tokeh is what Number 2 used to be several years ago…exclusive
Number 2: Everyone loves Number 2 Beach. It has basic facilities run by youth from the surrounding villages with the option to spend the night either in the concrete rooms or camping out on the sand over night. The sand is white, the ocean is turquoise and the surrounding hills are covered in multitudes of green
Bureh Beach: The best way to head to Bureh beach is through the city via waterloo. It’s a long drive but if u don’t own an SUV it’s a good option. If you are in search of a truly private experience then this is the best of Salone’s pristine waterfront.
Sussex (Francos): Franco’s offers diving and snorkeling for the adventurous sea urchin, they also have canoe boat rides and the option of a small wading pool for kids.

Lumbley Beach: It could be cleaner but Lumbley is probably the quickest fix for some fun under the sun. I recently organized a super fun Beach party complete with water balloon fight and egg and spoon race. A great place for exercise and crusing on Sundays. If you wanna beat the crowd Saturday is the best day for beaching on Lumbley.