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Thinking of Starting a Business in Sierra Leone? Creativity is KEY


Very few Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora are going to have enough money to invest a couple hundred thousand dollars in Sierra Leone to build a factory or pruduce goods for export. But that being said, many Diasporans are starting small businesses that are creative, money making, and meeting a need. Yesterday my mom took me to Bathurst Street to a Beauty Supply Store much like Sally’s or anything Chinese owned hair products store on 125th Street in Harlem.

Welcome to Variety Beauty Supply & Salon—Elli’s Communications Centre—-Private Mail Box For Rent

Owned by a Sierra Leonean family (Lahai) in California…this business boasts a beauty supply store, beauty salon, internet cafe and private mailboxes to rent. The Store has all my favorite hair & body products found at any beauty supply store in New york. Its really a girl thing i doubt the fella’s will understand…I was a bit skeptical to go to the store cause i thought it was going to be some 2 by 4 supply store…but its well done, fully stocked and generally reasonable for what they’re offering…They have wigs, weaves, hair for braiding…human hair and otherwise….bees wax, perms, African pride oil, eyeliner, lip gloss, WHATEVER.

Along with the Beauty Supply and Salon. This place also has a small internet cafe in the back and private mail boxes that you can rent if you dont have one at the post office. I dont know what the procedure is to rent one but i thought it was a damn nifty idea.

Next time you’re thinking of coming to Sierra Leone you may not have to bring all your supplies and when u run out, u no longer have to worry about finding someone to bring them for you. If you have the money to buy it in america, u will most certainly have the money to buy it in Sierra Leone. Kudos to the Lahai family for a job well done!!!!!

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