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Sierra Leoneans can finally breathe easy after 5 weeks of waiting for election results…Earnest Bai Koroma’s All People’s Congress has won the 2007 Elections. At about 10:30am today Monday 17th, Christiana Thorpe National Electoral Commission Chair lady defied an SLPP filed injunction to prevent release of the votes. She reported that NEC had to cancel the results of over 400 polling stations all over the country because of irregularities like over voting, ballot stuffing and ballot box exchange. However, she added that the cancelation of the polling stations did not change the overall outcome of the vote, meaning that Berewa’s SLPP party would have lost regardless.
As soon as she announced the results Freetown was drowned in the ROARING & JUBILATION
of APC supporters who ran up and down the streets, leaving their homes to celebrate the results. Even i screamed in support….I was overcome with joy that the people had had their say and that Christiana Thorpe had stood her ground. We Sierra Leoneans have proved to the world over that we are a people to be reckoned with, we are democratic, and committed. For over the past couple years young musicians have been lamenting over the conditions in this country. From BAW WAW SOCIETY’s “We still day na di city” to Emerson’s “Borbor Belleh”. And what was the SLPP regime’s response, they scuffed at the boys telling them to stop crying down their country. They did not realise that it was a warning.
Sierra Leoneans have been suffering for a very very long time…..from the later days of the APC to this current SLPP regime. We have been through a lot as a people and most times we have been responsible for our own suffering. If the SLPP has lost the elections it is because they ignored the needs of our people and forgotten the age old saying that “no condition is permanent”. It seems as though 1967 has repeated itself all over again, something that i must say that i thought would be impossible. Sierra Leoneans have used their vote to remove the SLPP and bring in the APC. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE DAY IT IS INDEED.
No matter where you may be at this moment, regardless of what you’re doing. If you call yourself Sierra Leonean, YOU MUST BE HAPPY….HAPPY THAT THE PEOPLE HAVE WON. Forget all your apprehensions of what may come in the next 5 years…JUST FOR TODAY THIS ONE DAY BE HAPPY FOR SWEET MAMA SALONE FOR SHE HAS HAD HER SAY.
My love goes out to all Sierra Leoneans all over the world who could not be home for this SPECTACULAR DAY……


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