January 30, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Sussex…Florence Restore & Franco’s Diving Center

Yesterday I went to Sussex for the first time. I would not be exagerating if I said it was the best place on earth. I was at Florence’s Restaurant & Franco’s Diving Center (though i didnt really get to find out about the diving). The architecture is very mediterranean…reminded me of movies of Greece…more specifically The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (yes, i’ve seen it and i loved it) I think one of the owners of Florence’s is Italian…hence the decore…Its the perfect holiday resort for someone looking to get away and relax….Room & Board is $100 a night for up to two people or $50-$60 a night per room depending on the time of year…..SO VERY REASONABLE….Florence’s is the only facility restaurant or otherwise that i’ve been to with RUNNING HOT WATER…not that you need it here but the availability is a plus. I had grilled snapper & french fries for lunch….but i suspect their Italian meals are delish as well. The little flowers in the bottle and sea shells are quite charming…..I forgot about the ice cream….chocolate and vanilla…DEEELIIISHHH!!!!!!!!!

For now Florence’s takes the cake for my all time favorite place in Sierra Leone……I cant wait to go back in the dry season….there are shallow waters none swimmers like me can wade in for hours….Next time you go to Florence’s please come back and share your pictures and let me know what u think of it…