February 6, 2023


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Global Trade Leader Abu Kamara Speaks at 2022 COMCE Summit in Mexico City

After the success of Grovara Food Week in Dubai, global trade leader Abu Kamara shared insights on the digital trade panel at the annual COMCE Summit. The two-day event held on 1-2 December in Mexico City brought together American and Mexican entrepreneurs, regulators, and other stakeholders from the import and export community. This year’s theme was “Exports, Key to Countering Global Recession.” 

Abu Kamara, the CEO of Grovara, joined Hanna Daurich of Amazon Mexico, Kenia Page Silva, Commercial Manager for SMEs UPS Mexico and LATAM, and Pierre-Claude Blaise, CEO of AMVO Ecommerce Association, on the panel on “Digital Foreign Trade.”

Grovara’s presence at COMCE allowed Mr. Kamara to present his company’s lightweight tech-driven platform that provides automation and intelligence-based tools. Mexican brands looking for cost-effective options to sell and build their brands internationally can count on Grovara’s visibility, discovery, and intuitive user experience for easy transactions and management––a streamlined pathway to dynamic global growth potential. 

“We couldnt have found a better showcase than COMCE to introduce Grovara to those Mexican brands who don’t yet know us.  Grovara gives Mexican products the competitive edge they need to trade globally,” said Mr. Kamara. 

Ever the ambassador for digital trade, Mr. Kamara, said that while prominent players like Amazon can continue to lead B2C in Mexico and beyond, B2B has immense potential.

Last month Grovara hosted 15 American and Mexican brand leaders from its B2B marketplace to meet with retailers, distributors, and global CPG Leaders at Dubai Global Connect to support their expansion into the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Those brands included established category leaders; Before the Butcher, RxSugar, Kaizen, Milkadamia, Yumna Avocado, Nuttzo, Waterloo, I Amaranth, Rise Brewery, BeanVIVO, Vivio, Datiles Del Desierto, 4Buddies and more.

“Grovara is proud to join Amazon and UPS at COMCE to promote trade through e-commerce and streamlined logistics. We are transforming global trade as the first online marketplace for consumer brands’ wholesale import and export. We provide a seamless solution for brands and buyers to handle their export and import business from discovery to export documentation management.”