February 6, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Emmerson Bockarie to support 15 Sierra Leonean families with house rent

Emmerson Bockarie on November 21, 2022, announced via his social media accounts that he will be paying house rent for 15 needy Sierra Leonean families.   

The artist who is one of Sierra Leone’s most recognized musician was born and raised by a single mother who struggles to make ends meet. For him, his motivation to start such an initiative was a result of the experience he had with his mom who struggles to pay rent for the house they were living in. 

“Meeting physical needs is one of the most impactful ways of showing love to others. While growing up, there were times when my mother struggled to pay rent for a single room, but with this, I feel that no amount is too small to help with,” said Emmerson. 

However, the rent scheme is targeting 15 low-income Sierra Leonean families, who barely earn USD 10 or 50 to pay their rent. Each family will be supported with the sum of NLE 2,000 (SLL 2,000,000 old leones), which is approximately USD 113, so they can be able to pay rent and provide for their basic needs. 

Moving forward, Emmerson has assured that in the future he will continue to give his support to people as God provides for him. People in need will share their stories via his Facebook inbox and his team will do all the verifications. 

“I believe meeting physical needs is one of the most impactful ways of showing love to others. Giving is a tangible expression of God’s love,” said Emmerson.