December 10, 2022


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

King Boss LA throws shades on Kao Denero with his new “Salone man 2 Tok” diss track

Popular rapper, King Boss LA has in his new single titled “Salone man 2 Tok”, thrown shades on Kao Denero just hours after he was released from police custody, because of armed robbery and assault charges. 

In the new track, the rapper expresses how Sierra Leoneans talk about what people do, no matter what it is, whether it’s good or bad. He involves Kao, who is his harsh rival because he was unsatisfied with his involvement in his robbery case with one businessman. 

Earlier, before his release, audio circulated on social media shows King Boss LA, expressing his dissatisfaction to a comrade who he said accompanied Kao Denero to the police station. Also, Kao Denero posted on his social media handles before the release of that audio that he is withdrawing from the case as he received a letter from LA’s Red Flag music Camp asking him to withdraw since he got involved because he is the Ambassador of entertainment. 

Some weeks ago, the rapper was arrested by police after he had been accused of committing a physical attack and robbery on one British Sierra Leone businessman, named Osman Jalloh. The incident took place at the Swiss hotel at Spur Road in Freetown; three other guys who are on the run were also involved in the case. 

He was held behind bars for some time, later on, the case was sent to the court for judicial hearings, on Friday the case was discharged from the court and he was released from police custody. 

However, Kao Denero has not replied to LA’s track yet. The conflict between the two popular rappers has been in existence for a long time now, many people have tried to reunite them but it always ended up not being successful. 

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