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by Alhassan Lamin Kargbo

FCC launches first faecal sludge treatment plant

The Mayor of the Freetown City Council, Madam Yvonne Aki Swayer, have official launched the first ever faecal sludge treatment plant in Sierra Leone as part of the #TransformFreetown initiative. At the plant, solid matter will be separated from the waste water, the solid matter will be used as fertilizer input and the wastewater can be safely disposed of or used in other ways. Before now most the faecal waste collected in Freetown ended up being seeped into the sea and nearby waterways which poses a significant environment and health hazard in surrounding communities.

Government reduces age limit for Covid 19 vaccines to 30 years and above

The Government of Sierra Leone through the National Covid 19 Emergency Response Center (NaCOVERC), has confirmed that the age limit for the Covid 19 vaccine has been reduced to 30 years and above as key target persons for the ongoing nationwide corona vaccination. The decision was made so that more people will be able to partake in the exercise and that will reduce the spread of the virus in the country. 

Twin brothers Alusine and Alhassan extends Real Balompedica Linense contract

Twin brothers Alhassan and Alusine Koroma have signed an extension contract with Spanish side Real Balompedica Linense for three years. Both Alusine and Alhassan, midfielder and winger will stay in the club till 2024. The winger has been a fundamental player of the spanish team, as he scored four vital goals in the team last campaign.

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