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Sierra Leoneans in the DMV Spotlight: Meet The Entrepreneur with a Heart for Social Good


#SaloneDMV highlights Sierra Leonean professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (DMV), which is the heart of the Sierra Leonean-American community in the United States.

 Introducing Mohamed Daramy: Multifaceted Entrepreneur with a heart for Humanity #IamSaloneDMV

Mohamed Daramy founder of Skeemo Clothing.
Location: Maryland
How long have you lived in the DMV area and what brought you here?
Mohamed: 20+
Briefly introduce yourself and your background. 
Mohamed: I was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone. I attended the Prince of Wales School as a teenager and am the current Assistant Secretary for the Alumni group the Old Prince Walean Association. I came to the United States with my family in the early 2000 and have made Maryland my home. I attended the Maryland Eastern Shore University. Graduated with my bachelor’s in biology and master’s in biotechnology management respectively. While in college, I founded the Skeemo Clothing brand, which focused on urban wear and sporting goods. Designing different jerseys and incorporating their respective country flags; Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Guinea, Ghana, and The Gambia. In January of 2024, I visited Sierra Leone, and on that same trip, I came across a gentleman who was an amputee. Impressed by his demeanor, I befriended him and promised to bring awareness to their plights. During this Holy Month of Ramadan, I and a group of like-minded individuals raised over $3,000 for them and used that money to purchase 70 bags of rice and gave each family 500 SLE (new leones).
Share your professional or entrepreneurial journey. 
Mohamed: I see myself as an eclectic individual. Having received my bachelor’s in biology and pursued an advanced degree and career in biotechnology, have always believed in education in shaping my professional career. However, I didn’t let that stop me from my entrepreneurial journey or as we called it “hustling”. Even as a career professional, I still sit behind my Juki sewing machine to create or attend a vending event to sell my products. What allows me to continue this path is the passion I have for what I do. Without passion then it becomes work.
What keeps you going when times get tough?
Mohamed: My faith is in Allah, and then my family. Without his guidance and love for mankind, I don’t think I will do anything. Praying five times a day keeps me grounded, allows me to be fair in my business dealings, and frees me from greed. Also, times will get tough, but I feel like those tough times are nothing but a test from Allah.
How do you stay connected to your Sierra Leonean roots while in the DMV area?
This is an interesting one and I think it isn’t easy to live in the DMV and not be connected to Africa and Sierra Leone. DMV is the Mecca of all things African and being a Sierra Leonean symbolizes pride. Personally, social media makes it easy to stay connected whether I’m networking or people reaching out to order one of our signature Sierra Leone sweatshirts or jerseys. Last year, I remember someone reaching out to me letting me know Drizilik and I-Tribe.
What impact or contributions do you hope to make or have made within the Sierra Leonean community or beyond? 
Mohamed: I think the moment you start to see yourself as a rockstar or making an impact, the moment you begin to limit yourself. What I mean by that is sometimes we have this thing in our head that tells us we already made it when people out there don’t even know who Skeemo is…its the fear of being complacent. I think in my way, I’m involved in different things, whether religious events in the DMV or trade/vending shows, and my new endeavor is bringing awareness to the amputees and war wounded of Sierra Leone. They are the forgotten men and women of our history.
What do you love the most about being Sierra Leonean in the DMV?
Mohamed: Well, I used to love Sierra Leonean parties when I was in high school. My friends and I would crash parties at the Mirage Hall in Langley Park or Nativity in Georgia Ave. Those were the days, but I digress. I think what I love about us is the support we give to one another. I would have said the food, but I think every African in the DMV knows we have the best food.
What advice would you give other Sierra Leonean professionals, entrepreneurs, or community leaders in the DMV area?
Mohamed: Do not limit yourself, always stretch, be open to feedback or feedforward, make new friends with similar passions, and have a voice. Especially to my fellow Sierra Leonean professionals, it is always good to have a voice even with an accent. I think not having the confidence early on to speak because of my accent impacted my growth in the early years of my career. I was deemed ineffective because I wasn’t the loudest in the office. When I realized this gap, I saw a shift in my growth.
What DMV-based civic, ethnic, or community organizations do you belong to?
Mohamed: I’m the Administrator of a famous Islamic Show with Sh. Mufty Yassin is on Facebook live, is the assistant secretary of the Old Prince Walean Association, and is a community activist. Whenever humanity is in crisis, I lend my hand to speak truth to power or hold hands in protest.
What new project, initiative, or goal are you working on that you would like to highlight to others in the DMV?
Mohamed: I’m passionate about the cause of the amputees and war wounded. I speak to their president, Mr. Mohamed Tarawally, every week, reassuring my commitment to bring awareness of their plights through fundraising. Our end goal is to build skills that will be used to provide for their family and be self-sufficient.
How can we strengthen the Sierra Leonean community in the DMV area?
Mohamed: I think you are already doing it. We can do more professional networking events like the one Vickie Remoe did. It highlights us in a different light. We have many Sierra Leoneans doing extraordinary things.
What is your favorite Sierra Leonean-owned business or brand in the DMV?
Mohamed: I love the Skeemo Brand. They specialize in custom jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and hats. The quality of their products is great, and you can visit them at This was an easy one!
About #SaloneDMV

#SaloneDMV is a digital Make Sierra Leone Famous campaign. SaloneDMV amplifies leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV), also known as the heart of the Sierra Leonean community in the United States. Campaign Sponsor – Drizilik Live in Concert at Howard Theatre in DC on July 6. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS TO THE BIGGEST NIGHT FOR SIERRA LEONE MUSIC IN THE DMV. 


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