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Lema’s Diary Premieres New Movie “Delivery Van”


Lema’s Diary releases “Delivery Van” a tale of love and tragedy that unfolds a gripping narrative that cuts across boundaries. This tragic love story between 17-year-old Surai and 22-year-old Matami sums up the essence of life’s unpredictable journey.

Surai, a young dreamer and an aspiring filmmaker was preparing for her WASSCE, when she met with Matami, a humble fisherman. The magnetic pull of love was undeniable, and their lives became entwined together. However, fate had a different plan, one that started with an unexpected twist, Surai’s pregnancy.

Surai, faced with the reality of her situation, had to make the heartbreaking decision to drop out of school. Her single father, already burdened with the weight of responsibility, reacted with anger and had Matami arrested.

Yet, love proved resilient as the couple navigated through societal pressures and personal sacrifices. They faced every hurdle, determined to build a future against all odds. However, tragedy struck!

Statistics reveal that 1 in 20 women in Sierra Leone lose their lives due to childbirth-related complications, this movie sheds light on that harsh reality. “Delivery Van” becomes a strong advocate, proclaiming that no woman should face death as a consequence of giving birth.

The movie was written and produced by Alimatu Farakhan Sesay and directed by Patrick P. K.

“Delivery Van” cuts across the boundaries of a typical love story. It’s a mirror reflecting the triumphs and tribulations of life, urging us to question societal norms and advocate for change in a world where no woman faces the peril of childbirth. 


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