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Freetown City Featured on Forbes as A Tourist Destination


Freetown, Sierra Leone, was featured in Forbes as a tourist destination. The article on Forbes, titled “Alternative Africa: Freetown Should Be on Your Bucket List,” highlights Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone, as a vibrant and emerging destination worth exploring. Despite its past association with blood diamonds and civil war, Freetown has transformed into a fascinating city with several reasons to visit.


  1. Historical Significance: Freetown’s name reflects its origin as a settlement for people freed from slavery. Its population consists of various groups, including former slaves from the American Revolution, Maroons from Jamaica, and others freed from slavery when the British Empire abolished it in the 1800s. This diversity has shaped the unique Krio culture of Freetown.
  2. Paradise Beaches: Freetown is located on a peninsula with stunning white-sand beaches. Lumley Beach is known for its vibrant atmosphere, while River No. 2 Beach offers picturesque views with coconut palms and a nearby lagoon. Tokeh Beach and Bureh Beach also provide excellent beach experiences.
  3. Tropical Islands: The Sierra Leone River estuary near Freetown features Bunce Island, an important historic site where English traders processed and shipped thousands of Africans during the Middle Passage. Nearby Tasso Island is a community ecotourism project, and the Banana Islands offer glamping opportunities.

To read the full article, you can visit the Forbes website.


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