January 30, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

5 lessons learned from the Vickie Remoe Show in Bo District – #MakeSierraLeoneFamous

Coming from the northern side of Koinadugu, we head up straight to the south side of Bo District on the Vickie Remoe Show. Bo is the fourth most populous District in Sierra Leone, with a population of more than 500 thousand people. 

In this episode of the show host, Vickie Remoe features three self-dependent women, who are engaged in life skills professions like garri processing, country clothes designing, and cooking. She also takes a road tour to the Bo mini stadium and the environs of the district. 

Here are 5 lessons learned from this episode.

  1. The name Bo is from the Mende word “Boloh” which means this is yours. 
  2. Bo District is the home of the oldest academic institution outside Freetown, (Bo School, founded in 1906) a school for sons of chiefs in the country. 
  3. Garri production has now grown from using only cassava to coconut and benni now. 
  4. In Bo women (single mothers) with professional trade are the leaders in their families and the majority of them use their finance to educate their children. 
  5. Trading is the most common means of income for people living in Bo, as it is in other areas across the country.  

Learn more about Bo District in different ways. Watch the Vickie Remoe Show today and explore Sierra Leone in different folds. Tune here to watch: https://www.facebook.com/TheVickieShow/videos/332469941402539

This year’s edition was proudly sponsored by Orange Sierra Leone, Vickie Remoe & Company, and Capitol Foods Limited. The executive producer is Vickie Remoe, the producer and director is Ernest Henry, editors are Daniel Palmer and Selassie Sequa.