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Sierra Leone Cabinet Reshuffle…A Yawn???


A couple of weeks ago, the president finally got down to the charade of mixmatching his cabinet. You in the red over there and you who has been sitting and whining bout the small personal rents paid to you via your ministerial post come over here and enjoy. I almost wasn’t going to write about the cabinet reshuffle bcoz to me it wasn’t blog worthy, I try to leave the super mundane to the press (ah yes the ego appears, well no to me fault oh na oona don make me ade don big, enti all tem oona tell me say ah sabi write). Why do I think the reshuffle is a yawn??
Thought you’d never ask 🙂

The truth is the my dearest papa Ernest Bai did not inform us whether the changes were for under or over performance or possibly to rectify previously poor judgements on his part and that the shuffling is simply an act of setting things straight. For example sweet talking, good looking Alpha Kanu then Minister of Presidential Affairs now mineral resources…Why??
Is it that the minister who was previously mineral resources performed unsatisfactorily or that uncle Alpha needed to possible be in a ministry where he go fit chop money i.e. as we say in the Queen’s language a ministry of importance to national economy or better still did Uncle Alpha learn certain lessons at presidential affairs that need implementing at Mineral resources? I do not know BUT let’s back track a bit…

What entails satisfactory performance for out ministers? I know the president said he had signed contracts with each minister but I am not sure if the contract included performance indicators. How do u measure performance if you haven’t already figured out what tasks, functions or accomplishments will differentiate the good from the bad? Na almost lek say you go na makit for go buy res en when u reach day all man get different tin way dem wan use fo cont u res…some man day use spoon as cup, oda man wan use wan mondoh for measure…na makit na cup day measure res. But Ow en oodat dem day measure minister…president or the people? Maybe an independent review board would suffice…

Anyway, when I immediately heard about the changes, my initial reaction was that if you’re not completely removing people then whats the point? Especially if for instance if in the case of Haja Afsatu Kabba some were saying she was moved because though the light situation has improved, the procurement process for awarding the contract had some yuki yuki involved ( na so dem say oh, no to me…fo di bam byes)

If for the sake of blogging we presume this is true, then why not remove her completely? Instead, she is now at Marine Resources. When I pointed that out to a Nigerian friend of mine asked “well who would u put in their place?” I couldn’t respond. He followed up by saying that though he could list over fifty well qualified successful Sierra Leoneans who could certainly run the country, how many of those individuals would work for the govt? At this question, I was again mumu..

When we arrived at the conclusion that possibly the individuals available now are all the president has at his disposal, all that’s left to say is, Good Luck daddy and may God help us.

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