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In Case Yu Mis Am: Highlights from Sierra Leone Arts & Culture Festival Day 1


Last night was Day 1 of SLACFest 2020 ‘Bridging the gap between home and the Diaspora’. The event started at 7:30 pm GMT kicking off with an address by the host Makeda Cole.

Ade Daramy an author and a historian, captured the minds of a lot of people who have not gotten the opportunity to have knowledge about Sierra Leone’s story with the first keynote address. Daramy paid attention and highlighted key figures from Sierra Leone who did industrious and beautiful work out there when they were alive. He shared the story of Ella Goblo Gulama, Sir Samuel Lewis, Sir Milton Margai, John Akar, etc.

“Sierra Leone can be great again if we want it to be”, his last words as he ended his delivery, and called out parents and guardians to give support to kids who will want to do more in making Sierra Leone great.

Next up was the SLACFest official Selection 2020. This featured Sierra Leonean artists like Julian Knoxx and Adnan Koroma

In Praise Of Still Boys is a reexamination of the artist’s childhood growing up in Sierra Leone through the lives and experiences of young boys living and growing next to the blue waters of the Atlantic ocean.
This narrates Sierra Leone’s journey from slavery, to independence, to war, and now to present times. Di Langa Waka (The Long Walk)

The second and the final keynote address was done by Vickie Remoe chief content marketing officer of Vickie Remoe & Company and host of the Make Sierra Leone Famous Podcast. Remoe is one of the leading creative entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone, in her address spoke about how Sierra Leone is a sunken place: A guide for young Sierra Leoneans who must grow a garden from a gutter

Make no mistake about it. Salone noh fine. And when I say e noh fine I’m not talking about the aesthetics. I’m talking about the basics—social welfare and utilities that a majority of our citizens still lack—clean water, three meals a day, electricity, for girls protection from sexual violence and youth access to skills and opportunities,” Vickie Remoe chief content marketing officer, Vickie Remoe & Company

After that came ‘Bridging the Gap’ an interview series that featured Taliwhoah (Musician), Edmond Kamara (Events Curator & Men’s Stylist), Ngozi Cole (Writer & Editor), Isha Kamara (Architect & Football Coach), Dominique Fofana (Photographer & Filmmaker), Adeola Carew (Writer & Poet), Morrison Jusu (Engineer & Artist), and Amadu James Conteh (Actor) sharing their experiences as Sierra Leonean creatives from both home and the diaspora.

Isha Razak then delivered a poem, and then we heard from the panelist talked on the feature of art in Sierra Leone. If you missed this then catch up on their Facebook live stream at

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