February 4, 2023


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Maada Bio asks Tony Blair be honest on Sierra Leone

In this photo Sierra Leone’s People’s Party (SLPP) campaign posters for Maada Bio elections 2012 Photo (c)Demotix  Opposition presidential candidate, Maada Bio today published an article in the UK’s Guardian newspaperasking for the UK and Tony Blair to support democracy in Sierra Leone. Bio cited several events that he sees as early warning signs for trouble in the nation’s 2012 elections.
He said that the police had interrupted a political rally by his party where he says he was attacked back in September. Bio also cited wikileaks reports that President Koroma interfered with the arrest of former minister of Transport Kemoh Sesay during the Cocaine Saga investigations in 2008.
Bio complained that ex UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has been overly supportive of Koroma’s APC government and asked for a more critical assessment of his regime. Blair has previously called Koroma one of “Africa’s visionary leaders”. In short Bio believes that Blair’s support of Koroma’s government could jeopardise Sierra Leone’s fagile democracy.

                                              Source: “Britain can help Sierra Leone to free and fair election” by Maada Bio in Guardian UK

SWITSALONE SIDEBAR : What are your thoughts on Tony Blair’s continued involvement in Sierra Leone? Could he jeopardise the nation’s democracy? Does Sierra Leone need foreign UK involvement to guarantee free and fair elections in 2012.