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Five lessons learned from the Vickie Remoe Show in Freetown Urban – #MakeSierraLeoneFamous Edition Ep8

In episode eight of the Vickie Remoe Show, we take you the viewers on a tour around Freetown, the main capital of Sierra Leone. This city is the original home of the Krios, who settled here in the early eras of the slave trade. 

Host Vickie Remoe is in conversation with Madam Daphne Pratt, a Krio poet, and writer. They discuss the importance of the Krio language, the culture, identity, and the community as a whole. She also visited Massah Savage, a seamstress with over 20 years of experience in Canton Street at Fourah Bay, to learn about the Krio African Print. 

Here are 5 lessons learned from this episode 

  1. Krio is neither pidgin nor broken English. The language is mixed with Portuguese, French, and other indigenous languages. 
  2. The key structure of krio culture is discipline, you just can’t behave just as you wish. 
  3. African print is the most common dress among Krios, more especially women. And the prints are primarily coming from England. 
  4. Freetown population is one million strong with diverse ethnic groups, but the Krios are the original settlers of this city.
  5. The Cape Sierra Light House which was built in 1812, was to guide vessels coming into Sierra Leone.

Don’t forget to watch the final repeat broadcast of the show on Sunday, October 25, 20, 2020, at 3:00 pm on SLBC TV (Channel 31). Also, take an adventure to watch other episodes every Wednesday on SLBC also, at 10:00 pm.  

This year’s edition was proudly sponsored by Orange Sierra Leone, Vickie Remoe & Company, and Capitol Foods Limited. The executive producer is Vickie Remoe, the producer and director is Ernest Henry, editors are Daniel Palmer and Selassie Sequa.