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Breaking News: Alpha Conde wins Guinea’s presidential election and succeeds for a third term in office

Guinea’s incumbent President, Alpha Conde has won the country’s 2020 presidential election, which will allow him to be in office for the third time.  

According to the provisional results announced by the country’s electoral commission, Conde won the elections with 59.49 percent votes, beating his main opposition rival Cellou Dalein Diallo who had already claimed victory before the results were announced. Diallo received 33.5 percent of the votes. 

So far, the country has been in heavy violence for days and at least 9 people have been killed. Most of this is based on a third term for 82-year-old Conde. In March this year, President Conde forced for a new constitution which he said will modernize the country, but will also allow contesting for a third term in office.