Morgan Heritage Rocks Sierra Leone

Manzu avec C Bolt opening the Morgan Heritage concert at the national Stadium

Simple man

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Jah man

Katie C

Una Morgan in Sierra Leone

Gramps Morgan in Sierra Leone

Mr Mojo Morgan

Jah Petes of Morgan Heritage


Mr Mojo

Jah Petes

Freetown City Council, Africell, and Rugged Music put together a wonderful showcase of reggae music last night with the Morgan Heritage Concert at the national stadium. Even though at 2:00am the fans were slowly showing signs of fatigue the show was well worth the wait.
In 2009 there were rumors that Morgan Heritage was to come to Sierra Leone for Independence celebrations but it never came to pass so, there was lots of skepticim surrounding the announcement that they were going to come at the end of the year.
True to organisers’ promise, the entire family of Jamerican band members Una, Gramps, Mr. Mojo, Jah Petes and Lukes performed in Sierra leone last night.
 The crowd of mostly young people and locals from the Freetown’s budding rasta community were in show dressed in red, gold, and green and still rocking to hits like ‘down by the river’ and ‘u dont haffi dread to be rasta’ way past 4:00am. The band has another show tonight at the stadium for those of you of missed it last night or looking for some more love from the very sexy Gramps Morgan.
Thank you Morgan Heritage, Sierra Leone loves ya