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Meet Sierra Leone’s Essential Workers: Home Cook & Dancer

by Frañkvin Bob McEwen

Last week my husband’s blood pressure went up, so I made garlic water. It helped, but he’s worried about the added responsibilities that I have had to take on since he lost his job working at a hotel here in Freetown. I am more worried about keeping his pressure down and making sure he doesn’t get sick. ⁠

I was working as a full-time professional dancer and trainer with the National Dance Troop, but the troop stopped due to government regulations limiting public gatherings. I have now taken on the job as a home cook in Freetown. One of my dance students runs a small company and she has hired me to cook in her home. I have to go to work every day because this is now the only way to support my husband and our four children. I also make ginger beer that I sell from home and I sell charcoal too. I thank God that I have work to do. It has been a blessing. ⁠

Credit: Essential Stories/OSIWA

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