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by Alhassan Lamin Kargbo

ACC calls for evidence on corruption in parliament

Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has on Monday, September 14, 2020, called on the public to help by providing information on alleged corrupt practices inside the house of parliament. ACC said they have launched an investigation in November 2019, about an allegation of misappropriation of public funds in the house of parliament. So far the recently released corruption perception survey by the Center for Accountability and Rule of Law (CARL) has shown that the parliament of Sierra Leone is the fourth most corrupt institution in the country and parliamentarians are the second most corrupt people. 

Price of local commodities across Sierra Leone skyrocketed – says, Citizens

Dozens of Sierra Leoneans across the country have reportedly said that they are struggling to survive during this crisis because of the high increase in the price of basic commodities like pepper, fish, palm oil, and other vegetables across different markets. According to some local consumers in the last two to three months the increase in the price of commodities has hit them hard and from buying goods like pepper for SLL 1,000 before they are now buying it at SLL 5,000. 

Sierra Leone COVID-19 update

On Tuesday, September 15, 2020, Sierra Leone recorded 15 new confirmed cases of the COVID-19 pandemic bringing the cumulative total to 2,126. The country has also recorded 1,640 recoveries and 72 deaths. There are 414 active cases in isolation undergoing treatment presently. So far 210 people are currently in quarantine, and 11,073 people have been discharged from quarantine. 

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