February 5, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

C19 Dignity Project makes two COVID19 medical deliveries to Eastern Sierra Leone as fundraising appeal ends

As Sierra Leone eased interdistrict travel restrictions TV Host Vickie Remoe led the C19 Dignity Project to the Eastern Province to deliver COVID-19 medical supplies. Remoe and the team of the C19 volunteers delivered supplies to Kailahun District on Friday, and Pujehun District on Saturday.

The C19 Dignity Project has raised SLL 600 million ($60,000) to support the national pandemic response by making direct deliveries to frontline health workers. Twelve Facilities with a total of 600 beds (80% of all treatment and isolation beds) have benefitted from SLL 400 million ($40,000) worth of supplies over the past 8 weeks. The citizen-led project started when Remoe responded to an appeal for support made by a doctor Connaught Hospital (the largest in the country) in the capital city but the campaign has expanded to the Northern, Southern, and Eastern Regions

“Most of the time people that we admit into our isolation facilities, are people that have other illnesses. If we don’t have the essential drugs needed, it will be difficult for them to access care and even if they are rich they can’t get access to the medication they need,” said Dr. Hoody Lymon, Medical Superintendent, and COVID-19 Case Management Lead, Pujehun Government Hospital, Pujehun District.

The items donated include; Oximeters, Blood Pressure Machines, Stethoscopes, Baby food, Actrapid Insulin, Lactulose solution, Amlodipine tablets, Amoxiclav injections and tablets, Disposable injections, Dispensary bags, Linosiprol, and cleaning hygiene and sanitation items like; Veronica buckets, Hand Sanitizers, Sanitary Pads, Diapers, Body Wash, Toothbrush, and paste.

“This is a very good donation the C19 Dignity Project Sierra Leone has made and it will help in the treatment of infected COVID-19 patients, as it is very hard to get frequent medical supply from the government,” Dr. Francis Lansana, Medical Superintendent, and COVID-19 Case Management Lead, Kailahun Government Hospital, Kailahun District.

Before heading to the East, a donation of SLL 35 million was made to the Bo Government Hospital for the reconstruction of an incinerator to improve the safe disposal of medical waste. 

Remoe has announced that the C19 Dignity Project will end operations. 

“We have done what we set out to do – provide emergency medical supplies, and hygiene materials to COVID-19 facilities to improve the quality of care during the pandemic. While the coronavirus is still a local and global threat, our team has played a major role in the national COVID response.”

“We still have unspent funds and small deliveries to make but the fundraising appeal is now over.”

Over 400 people made cash donations to the C19 Dignity Project since it launched on May 3, 2020. In addition, the campaign received multiple donations of medical equipment and supplies from local businesses and institutions.