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7 Things You Need to Know about the Krios – Make SierraLeone Famous Podcast

  1. Before 1896 “Sierra Leone” only referred to the “colony” or the Western Area. The term “Sierra Leonean” then was only used to refer to those who were in the colony.
  2. Krios played an active role in World War II  Four Krio were amongst the first to volunteer to join the British Air Force. 
  3. The Settlers Descendant Union (Now the Krio Descendants Union) was formally formed to promote unity among the early settlers and to assert Krio autonomy and Independence.
  4. Over 80 percent of Sierra Leone’s post Independence leaders from the Provinces were educated by prominent Krios. 
  5. Back in the day: The youngest son of every Krio family inherited their parents’ property even without a will. 
  6. The British Colonialist refused to allow Krios to self-rule because they wanted to continue to enslave them.
  7. Krios who were considered Independence activists were exiled to Bonthe Island.

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