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President Koroma Reschuffles Cabinet

New Cabinet Members as of Dec 2010
Dr Samoura Kamara – Finance

JB Dauda – Foreign Affairs

AG – Frank Kargbo

IB Kargbo – Information

Zainab Bangura – Health

Dr Sam Sesay – Agriculture

Alimamy Koroma – Works

Minkali Turay– Mineral Resources

Alpha Kanu– Political Affairs

Musa Tarawallie –Internal Affairs

Hindolo Trye – Labour

Dennis Sandy – Social Welfare

Alliue Pat Sowe – Lands

Pallo Conteh – Defence

Dauda Kamara – Local Govt

Soccoh Kabia – Marine

Prof Davidson – Energy

Victoria Saidu Kamara – Tourism

Paul Kamara – Youth & Sport

Minkailu Bah – Education

Dr Richard Konteh – Trade

Vandy Chidi Minah – Transport

While we were busy planning canoe rides and seeking shade from today’s sweltering heat, Sierra Leone’s President Koroma was hard at work making changes to his cabinet. Many of the names are familiar but the president has said byebye to the following who are no longer members of cabinet: David Carew (Trade), Joe Koroma (Fisheries), and Serry Kamal (Attorney General). In addition, we are happy that Uncle Alpha is no longer head of two ministries and he can now focus his efforts on what he knows best, i.e political tok tok. Thankfully Vandi Chidi Minah no longer has to deputize anyone cause he is capable of running a ministry all by himself. We still don’t know why Papa Ernest decided to make changes now or who performed or fell below par but we like these changes.
for big winners of the reschuffle