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Number of  quarantined cases in Sierra Leone rises to 34

The Ministry of Health and Sanitation has confirmed that 34 people from China and other affected countries are under quarantine at an undisclosed location. This was said in a press briefing held at the Ministry of Information and Communication conference hall. The quarantine will last for 14 days this is a preventive measure against the Coronavirus. Sierra Leoneans are worried that the number of people has risen, from 29 to 34.

The murder case of journalist Ibrahim Samura closes

The alleged murder case of Sierra Leonean journalist Ibrahim Samura former Managing Editor of ‘The New Age Newspaper’ is closed with a no-case submission made by the lead defense counsel, Melron Nicol-Wilson on behalf of the accused persons Abubakarr Daramy former Public Relations Officer at the Ministry of Agriculture and Herbert George Williams former Mayor of Freetown.   

Sierra Leonean students in China feel abandoned by the government

Sierra Leonean students in China express their disappointments at the government of Sierra Leone for neglecting them in the middle of the Coronavirus crises. The $255,201 supplementary allowance that was supposed to have been disbursed on 3rd February by the Ambassador of Sierra Leone in Beijing to beneficiaries is yet to be received. Students express their dissatisfaction as governments of other nationals in their various universities take care of their students unlike them.