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Sierra Leone: President sacks Paul Kamara, Alpha Kanu, brings Blyden, Bangura to cabinet


The President has decided to do his annual cabinet musical chairs again and here are the latest results of those left standing out in the cold and those who have been given an APC bench for the moment.

Momodu Kargbo will go to the Ministry of Finance and leave the Bank of Sierra Leone where he currently serves as Governor. Kaifala Marah will leave his post at the Ministry of Finance to replace him at the Bank. (This post incorrectly stated that Samura Kamara at Ministry of Foreign Affairs had been sacked, he has not. Apologies for any cut heart caused, the Whatsapp press release photos were very tiny.)

The Minister of Defense and former CEO of National Ebola Response, Palo Conteh is now the Minister of Internal Affairs, he is replacing Joseph Dauda.

The Minister of Information and Communication, Alpha Kanu has been sacked, and replaced with Mohamed Bangura who was once the guy-guy to Charles Margai under the PMDC. Never thought you would see the APC day when Alpha Kanu was not in cabinet but for now na so the game play. De Pa has made Mr. Kanu an advisor instead, not bad atleast better pass natin.

The Minister of Lands and County Planning, Musa Tarawalie has been sacked, and replaced by Diana Konomanyi of Ali Kabba divorce locked up fame. She will be coming in from the Ministry of Local Government. As for Tarawalie I’m sure his haters are definitely hi-fiving to this one.

The new Minister of Local Government is one Mr. Maya Kaikai, he was previously Resident Minister East, a spot that will now be filled by Karamoh Kabba who will be leaving his post as a deputy at the Ministry of Political Affairs. Ah Karamoh never say die Kabba, what a guy.

The Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children is now the former SEA, former anti-APC crusader turn Presidential bestie, publisher of Awareness Times Dr. Sylvia Blyden who will be replacing Moijeuh KaiKai who was recently dismissed after an exchange of expletives with his deputy Atilla who has also been sacked. As of last week Isata Kabia who was a couple of months ago appointed as Minister of State to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was given the post of acting Minister of Social Welfare I believe for a little less than a week. Why they even bothered to print that temporary appointment on paper only God knows.

Last but certainly not least is Mr Kemoh Sesay who has resurrected back into the fold, making a dashing return as the new Minister of Works after a brief stint in Public Affairs. Some man dem just get blessing ya.

Finally Paul Kamara has been sacked from the Ministry of Sports and replaced with one Ahmed Khanou. We don’t know Mr. Khanou but all we can say is good riddance to PK, leh di game finally begin for play.

New Ministers are Ms. Elizabeth Mans, of the APC Women, now the Minister of Fisheries, Mr. Sidi Yayah Tunis is to leave his post at the Ministry of Health to now be Minister of Tourism. Nanette Thomas is now Minister of Political & Public Affairs and at Ministry of Youth, the new minister is one Mr. Bai Mahmoud Bangura.

There were other appointments for deputies and ambassadors.

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