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Its been a while and I have missed you

Unfortunately for my blog…I started working full time a couple of weeks ago. Unlike my days at school when the only punishment for procrastination was the all night red bull and coffee overdose, Here in the “real” world of the grown and sexy where I earn my bread and butter, there is no such thing as wasting time. Since i like to be the best at what i do and hate being told about my faults, i have resolved to work as hard as possible. This means though that I totally neglect my blogger duties….not mention my gym obligations that have suffered tremendously over the past couple weeks, to yield a more juicier version of my former self. Anywho, I promise to be up and about on this here blog more often now that i’ve properly situated myself at work and in NY.
About Salone,…i must say that my militancy was slightly diminished by a certain cloud of helplessness that I felt over the past months. It seems however, that the sun is starting to shine again and SwitSalone is luring me back to the lala land of wanting to make change and move forward. In the coming weeks I will be disclosing a project that I am currently working on (though we’re still in the early stages of planning) for my beloved Salone. So stay tuned…..sending you some world wide web of love and kisses