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Sierra Leone: Alim Kamara’s ‘The Great Man’ launches March 29 (NEW MUSIC)


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London, UK – March 21st 2015

Sierra Leone - Alim Kamara Official EP Cover

Award winning Hip Hop artist Alim Kamara will be launching his EP The Great Man with live a performance and an after party at Floripa London, powered by event organisers I Am London’s Sunday Skool showcase on Sunday 29th March 2015. Alim is here to take over your airwaves with an EP that is as bold as it is confident; reminiscent of an extended diary entry laced with reflective and positive vibes.

The Great Man takes listeners on an intergalactic ride through the cosmos with extreme highs as heard on recent single Let’s Get Lost featuring the velvety vocals of Sharlene Hector, a feel good song with a 90s R’n’B beat that holds the possibility of an “Us against The World” love.  On the other side of the spectrum there is the extremely pensive and introspective Life I Live, which leaves you contemplating your choices in life and your existence. These are just two out of the seven wonders of this cosmic experience.

Alim Kamara The Great Man Launch EP Alim Kamara-The Great Man-launch-london events

Alim uses the voice of Tanzanian percussionist Saidi Kanda to interweave the stories he tells on the EP. Saidi Kanda brilliantly captures the transition from boyhood to manhood; blindly fighting trials and tribulations to discovering one’s purpose and sharing that with the world boldly saying; “Here I am. I am here to be great. I will do great things.”

For an opportunity to get a free digital copy of The Great Man, Alim Kamara is inviting people to use the album cover art as their profile picture on Facebook with the following description: “Because I displayed this as my profile picture and sent a screenshot to I get The Great Man for FREE.” Participants must email screenshots to and their email addresses will be added to the mailing list.


“Life I Live is going to make me cry. I know it. It is that deep because to summarise the things that it talks about in one word, it is real.”


“This EP is emotional. It isn’t just lyrics. It is life.”


“Alim does not hold back with this release. It is mature and produced by phenomenal creatives.”


“Alim Kamara is a beast in the booth. The world isn’t ready for the re-introduction of this great man.”


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