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Sierra Leone Weddings: Akie & Diana got hitched in Freetown


Diana Mansaray is a Marketing Executive for Sierra Leone Cement Corporation Limited (LEOCEM). Akieboya Christian Micheal Rowe is a businessman, the Executive Manager of Rowe’s Garage Sierra Leone Limited.

This couple met 2yrs ago through Akie’s daughter Makie Rowe. Prior to meeting Akie had wanted to get to know Diana but his employees that knew her were afraid to give Akie her number.

Although they have both lived in the same community for over 15yrs, and had common friends, they had never actually met but everyone knew that Akie had a thing for Diana.

One Saturday, Akie’s daughter spent a week at Diana’s home after refusing to return.

“I was worried at the same time happy about the bonding between us,” explains Diana.

“Akie was calling and texting every hour, so the following week Makie and I decided to visit her father at his garage. Just when I was parking at the lot, he got out of his office and walked over to me. Hr had the broadest smile I’d ever seen a man wear for me and that was our first face to face encounter. Later that evening he called me said he was driving down to my place to take me out and rest was love, engagement, wedding…..”

Diana says that she is an outgoing person and while Akie is a simple and quiet guy. He understood her well and respects her. They have traveled to places together, and they both like football although they support different teams.

They got married on the 14th February 2015, Valentine’s day @ the Buxton Methodist Church and reception party was held at Lac’s Villa Guest House, Off King Harman Road.