January 30, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Sierra Leonean taxi driver in Philly uses cab to find work as accountant


A Sierra Leonean taxi driver with three university degrees in Philadelphia is making news for pasting his resume in his cab. 43-year-old Abu Bakarr Saccoh who left Sierra Leone in 2001 hopes his taxi patrons might see his resume and help him find work.

“Your cab driver is looking for a job” is the heading of the resume on display in the back of Saccoh’s taxi. Although he could face a fine for soliciting, Saccoh says the response so far has been quite positive.

Saccoh holds a BA in Accounting and Finance from the University of Sierra Leone, another BA in Computer Technology from Drexel University, and a Masters in Accounting & Controllership from Strayer University.

According to Saccoh’s resume his last position in accounting was as a tax consultant.

What do you think of Saccoh’s personal marketing in his taxi? Should he keep trying, start his own consultancy, or just move back home to Sierra Leone?

Sourece: NBC 10