March 22, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Listen to “Complain” by King Boss LA ft Arkman, Rap G and Itribe

Complain is the new song released by hip hop rapper King Boss LA, featuring Arkman, Rap G and Itribe. 

The song which was released on Thursday, May 13, 2021, is a 16 minutes social commentary on bad governance, police brutality, injustice, human rights violations, corruption and more in Sierra Leone. 

Earlier in 2020, the song became one of the most anticipated songs after its teaser was released. According to an article from Vertex Media Sierra Leone, King Boss LA states that he feels obliged as a citizen of Sierra Leone to advocate and educate his people through his music.

“It is my responsibility and I owe an obligation to always speak about things happening in my country. I have done it during the previous government and I will continue to advocate and educate my people, said King Boss LA. 

So far the song has been trending across different social media platforms since its release. 

Listen to the song today on YouTube: