December 7, 2022


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Diaspora Talk: Big fat African wedding…is it a waste?

African Wedding

A friend and I were invited to a wedding yesterday which I was unable to attend. When my friend got to the wedding though, she called to say that her first impression of the venue was that  it was absolute chaos. Just parking for a hassle! She said there were at least 300 cars in the lot.

I know that Sierra Leoneans and Africans in particular love to throw super weddings, but at the end of the day, can we really afford it? When I was a girl, I used to dream about my wedding day but as a woman now, would I be willing to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding? My answer is a big no! While I don’t want to judgment on people who choose to throw very large weddings, I sometimes wonder if their priorities are misplaced.

The average cost of  U.S. wedding is about $27,000. But for Africans in the diaspora I can imagine these cost to double because we tend to have very large families and the bride and groom are typically expected to invite all the “fambul”. If one can afford a very large wedding, it is their prerogative if they want to throw one. But I would rather  encourage our folks to invest that money by using it as a down payment on a house, pay down your debt  or save for retirement. The success or failure of your marriage will not depend on how much you spent on your wedding. But for some of you it might if you start your life together in debt. The number 1 reason why many marriages fail, is money problems so while you deserve a wonderful wedding day, please be smart about your money!