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Images of the scarificial cow

When a Muslim person of importance dies in Sierra Leone more often than not, it is expected that a cow will be sacrificed in their honor.  So when my grandmother passed away from cancer complications on March 18th 2011 four cows were bought to be slaughtered. As tradition dictates, the meat given away to mourners, neighbors, and friends.

The cows were brought in from Kabala in the Koinadugu district, Northern Sierra Leone were Fulani herders breed the best of the nation’s beef. In fact, the fulas are so skilled in this area that they were also called in the morning of the funeral to kill the animal.

After the slaughter and the sacrificial portions had been given away to any and all, the rest of the meat made its way into the jollof rice stew, and plasas. In fact almost 10days after the funeral, we were still eating the beef, intestines, skin, and feet of the cow. Every single part of the cow that could and should be eaten has been devoured. All that is left now are these images of the sacrificial cow as it met its end the morning of the funeral.