December 7, 2022


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Nollywood’s Lydia Forson on work, life, and living the African dream (VIDEO)

In Ghana I met young bubbly Nollywood actress Lydia Forson. At 27, she has already won the African equivalent of an Oscar for playing a battered house wife in the film Scorned. I followed Miss Forson around for a day and got a behind the scenes look at life as celebrity in her hometown of Accra, Ghana. She sat down with me for an interview and we talked about winning the coveted African Movie Academy Award so early in her career, music, men, money, life, and why she is living her African dream. Check out Miss Forson in this candid video produced in partnership with World 41. And come back next week for A day in the Life of Lydia Forson. Yea, that’s right, we couldn’t get enough of the beautiful, bootiful, Miss Forson aka Miss Brown Sugar. Ya Heardddddd!!!!

Highlights include Lydia singing LL Cool J’s “Doing It” and she tells us what she would do with a million dollars.