February 4, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Mohamed Daramy of Dry Yai Crew visa to USA revoked

Mohamed Dovy Daramy (r) with Pupa Bajah (l) - Daramy is stuck in Australia after his US re-entry visa was revoked prior to its expiration date

Sierra Leonean reggae artist Mohamed “Dovy” Daramy of Bajah and the Dry Crew is reported to be stranded in Australia after his US visa was revoked.

Daramy left New York for Australia in January to meet and propose to his now fiancee Ari Zager. The two love birds were in line to board a flight to Hawaii when Daramy was informed that his US re-entry visa which was to expire in May 2012 was no longer valid.

Zager, the fiancee says she has also been placed on a “no fly list” to the US. She believes that perhaps Mohamed Daramy has been targeted because of his faith as a muslim. The pair are trying to work with the US Embassy in Sierra Leone where Daramy’s visa was issued.

Daramy says he is afraid to return home to West Africa for fear of political persecution. Daramy told the Lacrossetribune where the story was first reported that his life had been threatened for “speaking against the government” back in Sierra Leone.

“I don’t want to be in Sierra Leone during elections, My life will be at risk”, he said.

Until now, Daramy and the rest of the Dry Yai Crew seemed comfortable at home. They did a string of performances last year.

And the last time any member of the Dry Yai crew released an anti-government song was Pupa Bajah’s “Pack en Go” — widely seen as a pro APC song. 

So if Daramy claims to have been threatened by the government of Sierra Leone, then not only is it surprising,  but dis na big big case.