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Dbanj at Irving Plaza in New York (video)

by Vickie Remoe

Dbanj performs live at the Irving Center in New York

Dbanj performs live at the Irving Plaza in New York

Koko Master aka Dbanj

Nigerian recording artist Dbanj real name Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo made his big apple debut at New York’s Irving Plaza. For 50 dollars a pop and 30 more for VIP a mostly African crowd of the City’s residents lined up in a queue to see the man who has treated them to such hits as ‘ fall in love’ and the recently released ‘Oliver Twist’.
Many ladies turned up dressed in what looked like their best club gear; full make up, six-inch heels, and short tight dresses. The men also looked sharp in blazers and collared shirts. The standing room only hall was at 80 percent capacity an hour after the show was supposed to start.

The front row was lined only with women. One of them asked a photographer when the show was set to start.

“You guys are going to leave when Dbanj comes, right?” When the photographer said “no” her face dropped only to light up again when she was re-assured that we wouldn’t block her view.

Activity on stage signaled that the show was about to start. A heavy-set hype man appeared on stage shouted several incoherent sentences, there was a drum roll, and then the KoKo Master appeared.

He greeted his fans with his usual list of the many different ways in which he is known in various countries where I assume he has performed.

Before starting the show a projector screen was lowered with Whitney Houston’s image. Dbanj pulled out a harmonica and with the band as backup, they played Houston’s “My Love is Your Love” in tribute.

The show opened and a love affair began between the KoKo Master and the front row KoKolettes.

Like many other artists before him, Dbanj’s act is more like four play between himself and his female fans. Ever so often he girates his hips and brings his microphone low enough to remind the ladies of his manhood.

In a recent interview with Vanguard Nigeria News Dbanj said that he wants to take his music to the global level.

Tonight at Irving Plaza, he definitely connected with his African female fan base in the diaspora and for some, that is all the global domination that actually matters

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